ADEvantage Technology

Streamline Your Data Collection Process

Easy to use mobile apps combined with a web based management interface give you complete control of your process, in-house or in the field.

Trusted in multiple industries by hundreds of companies to manage thousands of inspectors, who inspect millions of orders.

API based order creation and result retrieval
Easily integrate with existing systems and processes.
Spreadsheet and manual order entry supported
Easily add orders whenever the need arises.
Business rules enforced in-field
Our FormADE technology makes sure the right data is collected the first time.
Flexible terms of use
Store, share, or reuse data however you want. The data belongs to you.
PDF result reports
Easily export results as professional looking PDF documents.
Enhanced form technology
Orders can require photos, signatures, proof of service, GPS location and more.

Gain the advantage with our suite of integrated
products and technology

Single survey field inspection.
Data collection and proof of service on: Commercial, Rental, Single Family Home, Multi-Family Occupancy, FEMA/Disaster, HUD, Construction Equipment, Process Service, Facility/Factory, County Property Assessments, Quality Control, Insurance, Compliance, Construction Progress. The application possibilities are limitless.
InspectorADE Form Example
Field situation driven survey selection allowing multiple surveys/line items to be added per order. Data collection and proof of service on: Property Portfolio Management, Repair/Service calls, Product Installations, Compliance Management, Lawn cuts, Equipment Maintenance, Property Preservation, and more.
PreservADE Screenshot
Full service route creation and optimization tool. Provides optimized routing for drivers to increase your productivity while saving you time and money. Developed to be flexible, it can be used as a stand-alone routing tool or be integrated inside your existing web application.
RouteADE Routing Screenshot

Benefits of the ADEvantage Suite

Save Money
Make your staff more efficient, process more orders faster, and avoid costly returns to the property. Happier clients means more business.

Time Savings
Save time organizing and assigning orders. Save drive time and save time on data entry.

FormADE technology enforces your business requirements right in the field. Order QC ensures orders meet your standards.

Assign orders automatically and track reassignments over time. Assignment and process tracking keeps team on track.

Remove duplication of effort and paper handling from the process. Get results from the field back to the office faster.

Track who completed orders, when, and where. GPS and time stamps on photos as well as the ability to check in at property ensure a solid audit trail.

ADEvantage Technology Suite Features
Property Based
  • All orders are associated with a Property
  • Track order history from all products, total property spend, bid lifecycle management, order completion location, and more
Product Suite Integration
  • RouteADE integration into InspectorADE make route creation a snap
  • Products are designed to communicate and integrate with each other
  • Property View lets you see all orders and history from IA and PA in one unified view
Mobile Power
  • Apps available on both Android and iOS on Google Play and App Store
  • Walks users through the process of completing orders and taking photos
  • In field validation ensures the right data is collected the first time
  • Eliminates the need for paper forms in the field
Process Control
  • Control form creation and manage form rules and content, even through multiple revisions
  • FormADE rules enforce your business rules to ensure the right data is collected on the first visit
  • Order life cycle management: reassign, cancel, set due dates, set start dates

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